2018 Februar

commercial: #RevealTheAudi A6
„Inspired by Audi A6“
directed by: Jonas Bongard

2018 Januar

commercial: "Silas BLN for Hair"
Digita Production
directed by: Kay Thor

2017 Dezember

commercial: "Spaß beim Tanken" 
Engagement Global 
directed by: Toni Stintzing

2017 Oktober

feature film: "ALL EYES ON YOU" 
character: "Harry"
directed by: Felix Maxim Eller

2017 August

Award Winner
Summer Edition 2017
Best Independens 
International Filmfestival

feature film, wold premiere: "Strict Rules"
18.08.2017 at Cinedom, Cologne
directed by: Alexander Eisenbraun


2017 Juni

short movie "A ordinary Business"
leading rolle: "Homeless"
directed by: Ilka Sparringa 
written by: Friedrich Bochröder

2016 September

tv movie "Strict Rules"
leading rolle: "Arthur"
directed by: Alexander Eisenbraun

2016 August

series pilot "Adam"
leading rolle "Adam"
directed by: Agnesk Bolufsen 
dare to dream pictures

2016 Juni

movie "Wildes Tier"
pivot figure "Jäger"
directed by: Dima Dired

2016 April

"Wilde West Roadshow" 
leading rolle: John
directed by: Benjamin Sprengel 

2015 Oktober

leading rolle: Bronko
directed by:  Friedrich Bochröder

2015 Juli

art film "a possible scenario"
directed by: Alexander Basile,
We OWN YOU Productions GmbH


2015 Juni

series pilot "Nesko"
directed by: Milan Ruben Kappen

2015 April

Die große Piraten-Roadshow
Regie: Friedrich Bochröder

2014 Juli

diploma film "Auge um Auge"
leading rolle: Ruben
directed by: Burga Diricanli

2014 Januar

tv movie "Im Schatten des Raubtiers"
leading rolle: Arthur
directed by: Alexander Eisenbraun

2014 Januar

image film "Flim 51"
direceted: Marcel Wilke

2013 August

commercial "Like you"
directed by: Tobias Bräuer

2013 Juli

diploma film "Esao"
leading rolle: Mac
directed by: Marcel Knöschens 

2013 Juni

"Der letzte Brief" 
directed by: Marcel Wilke
production "Film 51"

2013 Mai

short film "Dinner for Two"
central character: Dirk
directed by: Robin Jünkersfeld 
production: Ludwigsburg

2013 Januar

commercial "Sparda Spot"
directed by: Florian Schmitz 

2012 Dezember

series pilot "Sektor 8" 
character: Michael Richter
directed by: Burga Diricanli

2012 Dezember

short movie "They don't know"
central character: Freddy the Fist
directed by: Tobias Bräuer

2012 November

short film "Burning Money" 
character: Der Zöllner
directed by: TIm Weskamp

2012 Oktober

trailer "Hauptmann Veit"
as stunt coordinator 
directed by: Nico Miebach

2012 September

series pilot "Blutdruck" 
leading rolle: silence soldier
directed by: different 

2012 Mai

social-spot "Diebstahl" Social-Spot, Zebus
directed by: Martin Czopowski

2011 Oktober

short film "Das emotionale Kalkül des Menschen opponiert seiner animalischen Natur"
Short Film Festival "HDM Stuttgart"
leading rolle: Freddy
directed by: Tobias Bräuer

2011 Januar

commercial "Schwarze Seiten"
directed by: Tobias Bräuer